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Hi there !

The D001 is our interpretation of the 1st pattern Vietnam War Jungle Jacket made for the battalions.

We have retained it's utilitarian nature, keeping the jacket unlined and the iconic shape of the front pockets, collar and cuffs.

The silhouette has been greatly refined so as to adapt well to its new urban environment - the D001 can be worn just as easily over a suit as over everyday wear.

Made locally in India, using a heavy Indian canvas in 100% cotton. 

11 Months. 5 Iterations. 1 Product. 


Tactical. Technical. Utilitarian.


The Defender has been tested to Indian and German Industrial Standards.

With 4 large 'All you can carry' Box Pockets.

Enhanced UV protection for cognitive health.

Concealed Microfibre cloth for cleaning smartphones, watches and optics.

Structured cuffs.

Seamless front. Hidden Buttons.

256 GSM Heavyweight 100% Cotton Twill.


51 Units.

Available till 26th February 2023.

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